Art Director

Starting Salary

NC Triangle area

Median Annual Wage

NC Triangle area
% Bachelor's degree
% Some college, no degree

Job Outlook

+2 %
North Carolina

Annual Job Openings

NC Triangle area

Art directors are involved with many aspects of the art production process. They interact with various departments to coordinate creative activities and discuss client requirements and presentation concepts; review the products being produced; and create custom illustrations and other graphic elements while also managing their own accounts and projects.

They also communicate with clients and printers, attend photo shoots and printing sessions, and research current trends and new technology.

新澳开奖 offers an Associate in Fine Arts degree and an Associate in Arts degree to get students started towards this position. The Associate in Arts emphasizes courses like business, English, fine arts, foreign languages, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology, while the Associate in Fine Arts curriculum courses focus on visual arts and includes general education offerings emphasizing the development of analytical skills, written and oral communication, and competencies in math and science.